2 Bibles Moralisées

  • Compare two copies of the Bible Moralisée, one illumination at a time.

The Manuscript Average, Part I

  • What if we took all the pages of a given manuscript and overlaid them as if they were transparent?

The Manuscript Average, Part II

  • Can we summarize a manuscript by reducing each page to the colors it contains?


  • An early online collection of digital images of Medieval manuscripts (active from 1993-2000).

L’Ospital d’Amours

  • 15th-Century love allegory – Electronic Edition (v3.0)

Burgundian Archival Record Transcriptions

  • Digital edition of Burgundian accounting records for 1454-1455

Hurlbut’s Story of the Bibles

  • Biblical foreshadowing illustrated in various medieval Bibles.