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ADN-B1336-1882 Counter-seal

Thumbprints on Ghent counter-seal

The face to face interaction with centuries-old cultural artifacts is something I have become accustomed to. I’ve visited dozens or hundreds of …

Soft wax

Soft wax

I’ve been astounded to find thumbprints on the backside of seals before, but I never thought I’d see a depiction of the …

Staatsarchiv - Brugge, pol. oorkonde, 1e reeks, nr. 1186

Ypres, 1482

I wish this photo were sharper in order to appreciate the detail in the shingles and the arabesques.

Letter from God with seal

At first, this might look like a speech balloon, but it’s actually a depiction of a letter written by God on a …

La Mère de trois rois

La Mère de trois rois

empreinte de sceau en navette Source: BNF Richelieu Monnaies, médailles et antiques exemplaire unique Wax seal of Jeanne Ière (reine de …

Siglum ad legationes Gandensis

Archives Départementales du Nord, Lille, France, Musée 188. Great Seal ad legationes of the city of Ghent, dates 1276 © Photo by …