Two rocks with fire

Grand recueil La Clayette
Grand recueil La Clayette

Bibliothèque nationale de France, Département des manuscrits, NAF 13521, fol. 22v.

“Deus pierres sont qui rendent feu en un mont doriant qui en griu sont apelees terrebolen, lune si est malle, lautre femelle. Quant cel ii pierres sont lune loinz de lautre si ne rendent point de feu, et quant la femelle est par aventure au malle aprochiee, erraument rendent feu si grant quil samble que toutes les choses ardent qui sont entor le mont.”

“There are two stones that give off fire in an Eastern mountain that the Greeks call Terrebolen. One of them is male and the other is female. When these two stones are far from one another, they give off no flames, and when the female perchance is close to the male, together they give off such great flames that it seems that everything around the mountain is burning.”

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